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Reiki Worldwide Distance Sessions

Sessions take place via video call 

Service Description 

Quantum physics has taught us that energy is not limited by time nor space. Reiki also has no time nor space and can be successfully sent to anyone all over the world. A distant Reiki session is just as powerful as in person, and will be conducted in the same way. During the session you may feel deep relaxation, coldness, warmth, peace, tingling or perhaps the feelings may be more subtle. Regardless Reiki will only work for your highest positive good. I have received amazing feedback from my clients who have advised that their distant treatment was very powerful. This session will be conducted live via video call (Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp or Skype or any video modality which suits you). A consultation form must be completed and sent back to me prior to the initial treatment. After the treatment, aftercare and advice steps will be provided to the client. Appointments must be secured with a non refundable £25 deposit- this will be taken off your final treatment amount.

Cancellation Policy 

24 hours notice must be given to cancel or amend your appointment, or a £25 booking fee will be applicable.

£25 deposit must be paid in advance to secure all appointments.

Contact Details 


Surrey, UK

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