Wow Charlene your distant healing reiki was amazing, I could feel the heat in my stomach and throat chakra as if you were in the room! I felt very relaxed afterwards and slept like a baby.  Today I have boundless energy which has been lagging lately. I walked over 7 miles and feeling really upbeat today.

K Simon
1 Hour Virtual Distant Reiki Session 

The Royal Reiki treatment was amazing in helping me relax and unwind after the stress of lockdown news and going back to work.

It's hard to put into words but after the treatment, I felt this sense of zen and inner calm. From stress, anxiety and overwhelming emotions at the beginning of the week, the calmness has stayed with me and I will definitely be enjoying another healing session as this is exactly how I want to keep feeling in these difficult times.

You’ve got to  try it to feel it and I’d definitely recommend x

C Williams 
1 Hour Virtual Distant Reiki Session

Thank you so much Charlene for the Reiki session.  I felt a million dollars after and floated on air for days after.  You were very professional and put me at ease straight away. I did feel somewhat healed and my symptoms lessened and felt so much better.

B Bradley
1 Hour Virtual Distant Reiki Session

I felt relaxed during the distant treatment and it definitely helped me to zone out and forget about any stresses or worries for a little bit.  I slept amazingly well and didn’t have any ache during the night either which was lovely and feel very calm today and have a lot of energy.  I definitely feel more calm and have a more positive outlook after the treatment.

Thank you so much for sending over the affirmations too!  I will definitely use those

J McGuire
1 Hour Virtual Distant Reiki Session